Bring on the Good (Summer) Times!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Apologies for being MIA on Thursday and Friday last week. I had every intention of popping in to say hello, but then the days got away from me. I headed up to New York City on Wednesday afternoon because I was attending the Personal Democracy Forum conference on Thursday and Friday. It was my first time attending and I loved it. One of the highlights was participating in a panel that featured Edward Snowden via Skype.


Warm weather is finally here and it appears to be staying. 🙂 Here are some things I plan on doing this summer.

1) Start watching House of Cards – Tommy and I watched the first episode last night! Remember how I planned on starting this series last summer?

2) Go to Jazz in the Sculpture Garden – DONE!

3) Go to Running Hare Vineyard

4) Go to Solomons Island – DONE!

5) Start using Goodreads – I have been a member for so many years and just never did anything with this (free) membership. Not because it wasn’t awesome or useful, just because I didn’t have time to bother with it. However I plan on reading a lot of books this summer and hopefully this website will keep me on track. 🙂

6) Make pizza on our grill (inspired by The Bitten Word).



What are you planning on doing this summer?



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