Post Birthday Glow

Good morning and happy Friday!

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes and love. Yesterday was such a fabulous day and I’m so blessed to have so many great people in my life.

I started my day off with a great workout, a 40 minute tempo run. After I was done my mom treated me to a birthday breakfast at her condo – bagels with lox, onions, and capers and delicious tea. YUM! She also had a bouquet of flowers and a sweet birthday card waiting for me. Last week for my “big” gift, she had ordered a jewelry standing chest I had been wanting that I saw at a cute boutique near my house. If you are ever near Annapolis or Chesapeake Beach I highly recommend you stop by the Magnolia Shoppe (it is actually in Friendship, Maryland).

A couple of hours later my wonderful hubby had these beautiful flowers delivered to my office in the morning.

photo 2

He ordered them for urbanstems. I HIGHLY recommend you check out this site for flowery deliveries. It’s a great local small business.

A couple of hours later, my amazing colleague Sarah, convened several co-workers and me to enjoy some birthday treats she had made in my honor.

Why yes, this is a funfetti cookie cake! She also made ....

Why yes, this is a funfetti cookie cake! She also made white chocolate lemon truffles. 🙂 (not pictured).

Later in the day I scooted out of the office for a low-key happy hour I had invited people to come to at Zentan. You may remember I had scouted out this place for said happy hour a few weeks ago with my friend Julie. Unfortunately the weather was a bit crappy, so we ended up not hanging out on the rooftop, but in the bar – which was awesome too. They have a great happy hour from 4-7pm and the food is delicious.

After Zentan some party faithfuls accompanied Tommy and me to Daikaya because Tommy had a hankering for ramen. Mom and I had eaten here before and loved the ramen so I was eager for Tommy to try it. Unfortunately the wait was a little too long for our party’s liking so while we ended up at Izakaya (the restaurant upstairs) for cocktails to sip on for our wait, we ended up sitting at a table and eating there, which I am glad we did. I had eaten upstairs yet and loved all the food our table ordered.

At around 11:30pm or so Tommy and I hit the hay.

A great day all around. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



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