Tuesday Tidbits – 82

Happy Tuesday!

1) Kind of a sad day – I had to switch out my D.C. driver’s license for a Maryland one this morning…not sure how I feel about it…

2) How about Team USA in the World Cup yesterday?! What a game. Tommy and I are definitely soccer fans – every four years that is. 😉

3) I’m looking forward to attending a film at the AFI Documentary Festival in Silver Spring this weekend. My friend’s boyfriend has a movie premiering there – much more on this later! I’m also looking forward to both of them staying at our house with us over the weekend. 🙂

4) Just got a surprise work email – free 10 minute massages at the office today. Yes!

5) Not really looking forward to the 5-mile run I have to do after work today…

Hope you have a wonderful day!



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