One Week Countdown!

That’s right folks – a week from today, at this time, I will be en route from D.C. to San Francisco. A week from this Sunday, I will be running the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon again with my friend Christina. And we’ll be cheered on by our friends Allison and Tiffany.

photo (6)


Not only am I (true-to-form) getting a little burned out from all my training prep – I just want to run the actual race NOW! – I’m also itching for a vacation. It’s already been a pretty crazy and exhausting first half of the year so I’m ready to unwind, relax, and drink some wine. Of course the only sad part about my going out west is that I’ll be missing Tommy and Violet.

The gals and I have been working on an itinerary for several months now. We have some great winery and dining selections picked out, and we plan on visiting several more friends that live out there over the course of the trip.

I’m hoping to finish out my training plan strong this coming week (I’m actually running a half marathon distance – 13.1- on my long run this Sunday) as well as relax and get ready for the race physically and mentally.

photo (55)

See you soon Napa, Sonoma and San Francisco!

Hope you all have a great weekend. 🙂


I need to start thinking of creating my race day play list. Any suggestions? I am LOVING “Problem” by Ariana Grande right now.


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