Silver Skewers

Good afternoon!

Hope everyone’s Monday is off to a good start. I just have one sentence to say.

4 days until Napa/Sonoma/San Francisco!!! I cannot wait.


On Saturday Tommy and I drove to Waldorf, Maryland (about an hour from Chesapeake Beach) to meet his work mentor for lunch.

We decided on Silver Skewers because 1) it turned out to be a halfway meeting point for both parties, as Marie, was coming from Fredricksburg, Virginia and 2) Tommy loves Mediterranean/Greek inspired food. It was pretty good!

We arrived just as they were opening their doors so we were the first patrons in the restaurant for awhile, which was nice since we get extra attention. 🙂

Marie and I decided to try their cinnamon iced tea which the owner raved about (as did several Yelp reviews). I must say I agree with the owner of said reviewers – the iced tea was absolutely delicious. Very flavorful and refreshing.

photo 2 (1)

Even before we placed our orders our server (the owner, actually) delivered complimentary salads, bread, and tandoori sauce to our table. (Bread and tandoori sauce not pictured, but it was good!)

photo 1 (2)


For my entree, I decided to try the shrimp kebab with a side of rice and vegetables. I thought it was quite tasty!

photo 3
Tommy ordered the filet mignon kebab with rice and vegetables. (Apologies for the blurriness).

photo 4

Marie ordered a vegetarian entree.

photo 1 (3)

For dessert we decided to split an order of the baklava.

photo 2 (2)

We all enjoyed our meals, but Tommy didn’t think Silver Skewers held a candle to his beloved Afghan Kebab in Springfield, Virginia. (I think a lot of it had to do with the portion sizes at Silver Skewers!)

I would come back to Silver Skewers either in Waldorf or in McLean, Virginia which is where their original location is. One thing that speaks very well for the restaurant is that the owner of the two establishments doesn’t rely on advertising (Internet, TV, etc), but solely word of mouth by patrons.

If you ever find yourself in Waldorf or McLean check it out!


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