Currently #4

Time for another installment of “Currently”! For previous ones go here, here, and here.

Blessing: Tommy

Outfit: Black skinny pants, striped long-sleeved shirt, tan heels

Guilty pleasure: Diet Coke (it’s been months since I’ve had one!)

Excitement: Going to Napa, Sonoma, and San Francisco – I leave Friday morning!!!!!!!

Favorite show: It’s summertime, so it’s Mistresses all the way.

Indulgence: Well in a few days it will be spending money on wine and food. 🙂

Needs: A (professional) pedicure. Can I just note that my last “currently” needs were: automatic garage doors (for the house), a fence (for the house), and a bench for our bedroom (for the house).  Of that list all that we need to do is install automatic garage doors!

Wish list: For Tommy to be able to come to Bali with me.

Food: A Roti -catered lunch was provided at my meeting.

Drink: Diet Coke, baby!

Nail color: Fingernails – nothing, toenails – a pink, fuchsia color painted on by yours truly.

Music: Anything that gets me pumped up to run!

Feel free to play along! Hope you are enjoying your Wednesday.


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