Travel Outfit

Happy Friday!!!!

I will be leaving for the airport in less than an hour so I wanted to pop in to say hello before I travel cross country via airplane. I am a little nervous to be flying after this devastating and really scary tragedy happened yesterday. My hearty is heavy for friends and family of those on that flight.

When I travel (and 99.9% of my other time) I like to be comfortable – especially when I will be traveling for several hours. However, I have grown out of my phase of begging my mom to wear pajama bottoms and sweatshirts on flights and (in my defense we did travel on 10+ hour flights…) I do understand the need to not look like I rolled right out of bed.

Here is what I plan on wearing today on the plane.


1. Capri leggings – I always freeze on planes so I prefer to wear pants over skirts and dresses. In addition to keeping me warm, these leggings provide extra mobility to move around (I love sitting Indian-style on planes) and are less confining than jeans.

2. A pullover – Since I always freeze on planes I also prefer to wear long-sleeved tops over shirts. If I happen to get hot, I just peel off my pullover. This pullover I got from Lululemon is perfect for traveling, it doesn’t wrinkle, it’s a cute design (read: doesn’t resemble pajamas), and it’s warm, but not too warm if that makes sense.

3. A scarf – a cute accessory that pulls this outfit together, yes. But also good for more warmth. (Do you see a pattern here?!)

4. Toms – easy slip-on, slip-off shoes for airport security. Cute and comfortable shoes.



What is your preferred travel outfit?



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3 responses to “Travel Outfit

  1. My most essential travel outfit item is a big scarf. It is so versatile. I can use it as a scarf that I wear, as a blanket if ut gets chilly, as a pillow to sleep and once at my destination it’s the perfect addition to any outfit as a scarf or a shawl!

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