Tuesday Tidbits 88: Wine Country and San Fran Trip – Day 6

Happy Tuesday!

Hope you all enjoy the last and final recap day of my wonderful trip out West. I have so enjoyed writing these posts since it’s almost like I’m reliving this vacation. 🙂

1) On Wednesday morning Christina and I slept in for a little bit and then both completed much needed workouts in the hotel gym. After our workouts we showered, finished packing, had our hotel secure our bags in a storage room, and then we were off to the Ferry Building Marketplace. We walked around the different shops and stalls for a bit before taking a nice, relaxing lunch at one of our favorite restaurants we went to last year, The Slanted Door. We were seated on the lovely patio outside with a stunning view of the  Bay Bridge.

Ferry Building

Christina and I both ordered a glass of rosé and split an order of the crispy vegetarian imperial rolls (taro root, cabbagege , vermicelli noodle, roasted peanut). For my entree I got the vermicelli rice noodles salad (organic chicken, green cabbage, cucumber, mint, red pepper, fish sauce, thai chile).

2) After lunch we just HAD to stop by Humphrey Slocombe Ice Cream for dessert. While we were in San Fran we kept hearing how amazing their ice cream was. We were not led astray.

I got a scoop of the lemon ice cream.

I got a scoop of the lemon buttermilk sherbet.

3) After a delicious lunch and dessert we decided we absolutely needed to walk around a bit so we decided to hit another cute shopping area to window shop (and actually shop). We also treated ourselves to a 20-minute foot massage at a manicure/pedicure place. Best decision ever!

A flower shop we passed on our shopping tour.

A flower shop we passed on our shopping tour.

4) I don’t know about you, but whenever I travel anywhere I love walking around. You get to see so much of a city this way. Christina and I stumbled upon some beautiful homes and stunning views of the bay.

photo 3 (1)

photo 1 (1)

5) Pretty soon it was dinner time and we were headed to North Beach (where we also ate a delicious meal last year) to eat our last meal of our trip at The Stinking Rose. Perfect way to end our wonderful trip! Before we knew it Christina and I were on our way to the airport as we were both on red-eye flights back to Dallas and D.C.

Stinking Rose

Have a great day!


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