Off to the Other Side of the World

Good morning!

Today I am not doing a workout before I head to the office. No, in about 6 hours I will be on a huge plane making my (long) way to Bali.

That is right, Bali. About a month and a half ago I got some family news and was told a trip to Bali was in the picture. I’ll share more later as the news and trip (planning and executing)  have been a bit of a whirlwind. Because I will be in another country and inevitably suffering from jet-lag, I will most likely not be posting for about a week from today. You can always read about my previous Bali adventure while I’m away. 🙂

I promise to share photos and tidbits soon.

Today I thought I’d highlight a few things that I am packing for my 24 hour + trip to Southeast Asia. I will have two carry-ons with me on the plane and I’m checking a small suitcase that will hopefully meet me in bag claim in Bali.

I am traveling from D.C. to Japan to Singapore (long layover) to Bali on the way there. On the way back it’ll be Bali to Japan (long layover) to D.C.



  • My own blanket for the plane (and for airport- waiting in case it’s cold)
  • A mini toiletries bag packed with a contact case, travel-size contact solution, and an extra pair of contacts, travel- size facial wash, toothbrush and travel-size toothpaste, Advil, 2 packs of gum, tissue, travel-size hand sanitizer, travel-size hand lotion, nail file, lip balm, and band-aids
  • An extra pair of clothes, accessories, and shoes to change into while I’m in Singapore. Not only will I want to get out of my other clothes that I will have been wearing for 14+ hours IMMEDIATELY, I have plans to meet a couple of friends in Singapore to break-up my long layover. Fingers crossed the timing works out!
  • Hair brush
  • A travel pouch with my passport and a printed copy of my itinerary + a few other documents.
  • Magazines
  • Head pillow
  • An electrical socket converter for all my appliances
  • Not pictured: glasses, iPad, Bali book, pair of socks for the plane ride(s)


Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Wish me luck.


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