Bali Trip Re-cap

Hello, I’m back! I hope everyone had a good past week. 🙂

Mine was a bit hectic as I flew to Bali and back within a week and quickly had to get acclimated to new time changes (twice) and completely different ways of life (Bali-life vs. real life).

A possible Bali trip was put on my radar in early June with my finding out that my dad was getting remarried there. A few weeks later I had a round trip ticket booked to Bali and back.


On the way to Bali I had an 8-hour layover in Singapore (one of two layovers – the other one was before Singapore, in Tokyo) so I was able to meet up with my former neighbors who moved to Singapore from D.C. last year. They took me to one of the city’s outdoor food markets, a Hawker Square if you will, and a night club, Naughty Girls. (So fitting right? :-))

Hawker's Square enjoying some tasty food at 1am in downtown Singapore.

A Hawker’s Square enjoying some tasty food at 1am in downtown Singapore.

photo 1

Prawn Satay.

Heading to Naughty Girls.

Heading to Naughty Girls.

Hotels  I stayed at in Bali

  • Taksu Hotel in Sanur – This hotel was fine. It had a nice lobby area and my hotel room was spacious. I actually spent more time at my dad’s hotel at the Regent in Sanur. AMAZING!

Sanur is another little town in Bali by the beach. It is referred to as “snore” sometimes since not a lot happens here – nightlife-wise.

Taksu lobby.

Taksu lobby.

Regent grounds.

Regent grounds.

  • Umah Luung Villa in Ubud – This villa was incredible. It was in the outskirts of Ubud’s city center in the jungle and rice fields. I actually stayed in my own private villa. There was a central meeting room and living room and a beautiful infinity pool for other guests to enjoy. (Which on this trip was my dad & his new wife, my uncle, and my brother’s fiance, Katie).

Ubud is the cultural and artistic city of Bali.

photo 4 (9)

One of our views from the Villa.

Infinity pool.

Infinity pool. The villa at the opposite end of the pool was mine. The room to the left of the pool was the meeting room and living room.

Things I did in Bali

  • Got 3 massages – oh yes! Not only are all the massages in Bali (generally) incredible but they are also cheap. Moderately-priced massages can run between $13-20. Luxurious (and really luxurious) ones can run between $50-100.

-My first massage was at the Regent in Sanur and Oh.My.Goodness. It was heaven, pure heaven. My therapist was so good and I was able to really relax. (I got the massage the day I finally made it to Bali last Friday after a 24 hour + trip so my relaxing quickly probably had something to do with that!)

-My second massage was in Seminyak (another part of Bali that has more clubs and more upscale boutiques) with Katie. She chose to do a 60-minute Swedish massage which she said was wonderful (it was her first massage ever). And I chose to do the neck, shoulder and foot massage for 60 minutes. Everything except the neck part of        the massage was good. This spa’s version of a neck massage was only putting a hot stone under my neck for 5 minutes…

-Our last massage was in Ubud on the day I was leaving back for the states. I decided to get another foot massage and a pedicure, while Katie only got a foot massage.

Welcome tea before my massage.

Welcome tea before my massage.

photo 3 (16)

Le sigh…

  • Rode motorcycles (not the big ones, more like scooters) around Ubud. It is a lot more convenient, practical, and fun to go around Ubud, actually anywhere in Indonesia, by scooter vs. taxi, bicycle, or walking. Especially in our case since we didn’t stay in downtown Ubud, but 20 minutes or so outside of the city.
  • Saw a Balinese Kecak performance in Ubud.
photo 4 (14)

Some female dancers.

  • Visited a beautiful ashram in the rice fields of Ubud. Really bummed I wasn’t able to do yoga there, no time.
photo 4 (12)

Where people stayed overnight at the Ashram.

photo 5 (12)

Yoga and meditation space.

photo 2 (14)

Rice fields.

photo 2 (11)


photo 2 (10)

photo 4 (11)

  • Saw an Indonesian Independence Day street parade in Seminyak.

photo 4 (6)

Entrance to John Hardy.

Entrance to John Hardy.

  • Went shopping in Seminyak.
  • Went shopping and rode bikes in Sanur.
  • Went shopping in Ubud.

Do we see a shopping pattern here? 🙂

Places I ate/drank in Bali

  • Dinner at Nyala Beach Club and Grill – good food and awesome view of the infinity pool overlooking the beach.
  • Breakfast at Flapjacks – Katie’s choice for breakfast one day, not mine. For what it was (waffles, crepes, and sweets) it was good!
  • Lunch at Bistro Batu Kali – good food!
I got a lychee martini to accompany my lunch!

I got a lychee martini to accompany my lunch!

  •  Drinks (after Katie and I biked all around Sanur one day) and dinner at Massimo. So good! I would have totally come back here if there was time.
photo 1 (2)

Yay for cold iced lemon teas!

  •  Breakfast at our hotel in Sanur, Taksu.

photo 4 (8)

  • Babi Guling (Balinese Suckling Pig) for lunch in Ubud + a coconut!

photo 1 (10)

photo 5 (9)

  •  Dinner at Casa Luna. Great restaurant!
  • Breakfast at our villa in Ubud – Indonesia-style breakfast with fried rice. YUM!

photo 2 (13)

I got the duck.

I got the duck.

Great view from the restaurant.

Great view from the restaurant.

I’d say not too shabby for a week total trip to Bali, including travel days (3 total of the week).

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