Tuesday Tidbits – 90

Hello! Today’s tidbits are dedicated to my observations when I traveled to Bali last week around international airports.

Things I liked about Narita (Tokyo’s airport) and Chiangi (Singapore’s airport):

1)  CLEAN bathrooms! Like really clean.

2) All of the stalls are big enough for a person to fit a suitcase, a personal item, and a purse or briefcase comfortably in with them. (I can’t tell you how many bathroom stalls in the U.S. don’t do this).

3) An abundance of free luggage carts around the airport for travelers to use while waiting for their connecting flights or leaving the airport.

4) Both airports are great places to buy gifts for people or for yourself. Hello duty free!

5) If you ever find yourself on a layover at Narita – get some authentic ramen!

photo 4 (16)

Have a great evening!

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