Egg Salad Craving


Today’s day began with a wonderful barre class (of course). We had a substitute instructor this morning. I had never had her for a barre class, but she teaches the Pound class I go to at the gym on some Monday evenings. I always love her enthusiasm and energy when she teaches her classes and oh yeah, she always makes sure her classes have killer workouts every single time. Today was no different. We really worked on our core and arms, and man was I feeling it in class and now at work, and probably later at home!

Naturally after an awesome workout I was starving and needed some caffeine. I popped into Starbucks and got a soy chai latte and an egg salad sandwich since I was craving one ever since I left the gym.

Too funny the picture below is very similar to this picture I took a couple of months ago (except my caffeinated beverage of choice this morning was a chai rather than a vanilla latte). However the egg salad is a strong consistent. The body knows, what the body wants right?


Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the day!


Any recent food cravings?


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