Maine Pig Roast

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Tommy and I had a whirlwind weekend trip up to Maine – and by whirlwind I mean whirlwind. We didn’t get to Maine until 2am on Saturday due to our flight being delayed and then we were up at 3:45am on Sunday to catch our 6am plane back home (which had to be diverted to Philly due to heavy fog at BWI airport for a little bit), but we got home, which is all that matters. 🙂

We had planned this trip because we wanted to help Tommy’s second eldest brother, Danny, (Tommy is 1 of 5 kids) celebrate his 40th birthday pig roast style. That’s right – Tommy and Danny’s older sister, Christy, threw quite the pig roast party at her and her husband’ s beautiful cabin in Naples.

The food spread was delicious (in addition to pork there were chicken wings, mac ‘n’ cheese, coleslaw, a big green salad, and many different appetizers and desserts), the weather crisp and cool (43 degrees!), there was corn hole, a bonfire, and fireworks. And for folks that wanted to make the party an all-night affair, guests were welcome to camp out on their property. (Tommy and I opted for a warm bed in Christy’s house. :-))

Getting the pig ready!

Getting the pig ready! Tommy and his brother-in-law Brian.

What the pig looked like after 8 hours of being in the cooker.

What the pig looked like after 8 hours of being in the cooker.

Not that I am a vegetarian by any means, but I will say I didn’t have any meat at the pig roast (pork or chicken wings). I just wasn’t feeling it for some reason, but I did have folks tell me how delicious it was!

Before the pig roast party got officially underway at 1pm on Saturday, Tommy and I escaped for brunch at a local spot, just the two of us. Christy had suggested going to Chute’s Cafe and Bakery.

photo 1 (2)

Cute little spot not too far from Naples, in Casco.

Tommy and I did some damage at Chutes as you can see below:

photo 5

Tommy’s choice, the Mada breakfast, which included bacon, sausage, eggs, home fries, and French Toast.

I ordered two large pancakes with real maple syrup....followed by another entree of biscuits with sausage gravy and home fries - to be enjoyed LATER, I promise!

I ordered two large pancakes with real maple syrup….followed by another entree of biscuits with sausage gravy and home fries – to be enjoyed LATER, I promise!

True to my word, my decision of ordering another entree at Chutes served me well the next morning at the airport where I ate the biscuits and gravy for an early breakfast. (In my defense even before we had decided to go out for brunch I had a hankering for biscuits and gravy. It was only after I had ordered my pancakes that I saw biscuits and gravy offered as a special on a separate menu).

Before we headed back to Christy’s house we decided to stop by the Causeway in Naples. Stunning.

photo 2 (3)

Back at party central things were getting going. I loved all the Fall and decor accents Christy and Brian had put into the party.

photo 4 (2)

photo 3 (2)

photo 1 (1)


As far as pictures that is as far as I got. 😦 I will say Tommy and I later played a mean game of corn hole – several in fact.

It was a great party and we were both so glad to be able to come up for it. Happy birthday Danny Boy!


Have you ever been to a pig roast before?



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