Tuesday Tidbits – 94

1) Happy first day of Fall! I think Chesapeake Beach and D.C. got the memo. This morning it was 50 degrees in CB and 55 degrees in D.C.

2) I dropped off some dry cleaning before coming into work this morning and decided to stop and try something delicious at Buzz Bakery at the Navy Yard.

Spinach Quiche!

Spinach Quiche!

3) I’m very much looking forward to my mother-in-law visiting us this weekend! We’ve got some fun plans and meals planned. 🙂

4) Random question for you today – why are faux flowers so expensive? I’ve found that it really doesn’t depend what kind of flower it is the price points are usually starting at $75 upwards. CRAZY!

5) I am so excited that Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal’s season premieres are this Thursday. YAY!!!

Hope you have a great evening. 🙂


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One response to “Tuesday Tidbits – 94

  1. Herps

    Herps thinks you are cheap. Pay that money for the fake flowers! And only dick terrorists care for quiche!

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