Nooshi Goodness

Tammy and I might our friend, Teresa – who was in town from Egypt, for dinner last night at an old favorite of ours (one of which I hadn’t been to years), Nooshi. Nooshi is an Asian restaurant that serves noodles and sushi. I beat both Tammy and Teresa by a few minutes so I decided to indulge myself in my favorite appetizer at Nooshi.

Crab meat Wontons!

Crab Meat Wontons!

When Teresa arrived she and I also decided to split another appetizer.



For my main course I settled on the Chicken Pad Thai – which wasn’t as delicious as I remembered it. Maybe my taste buds were a little off.

photo 3

I ended up taking half of it home, which then became my lunch today!

Great suggestion Tammy! So great to see you Teresa. Can’t wait to see you next month when I’m in Turkey for Thanksgiving!



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2 responses to “Nooshi Goodness

  1. Teresa

    Can’t wait to see you too! We will have a super foodie blog post:)

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