Recent Preggo Buys

Hello and happy Thursday!

I am still getting used to this “being pregnant” thing and have started to gradually shift my life – clothes, activities, workouts, and thoughts towards the little bundle of joy that will be arriving next April.

Here are just a few of my recent “preggo purchases” I have made to help this big life transition easier. Thanks in advance to everyone who has made such amazing and helpful recommendations and suggestions. 🙂

This has helped me sleep so much more comfortably. For some reason even around 8 weeks I started noticing that my sleep quality was diminishing – I was just tossing and turning a lot because I couldn’t find a comfortable position. No more with this pillow! Extra thanks for the hubs for buying me this pillow. 🙂

Bio Oil for stretch marks.

Bio Oil for stretch marks.

Even though it now seems like a no-brainer to prepare and be proactive for the obvious stretch marks that will occur during pregnancy had my friend Byrd not mentioned this to me in my early weeks of pregnancy I probably wouldn’t even have applied this oil twice to my stomach and other stretch mark prone areas (per the instructions) until much, much later. Something that many of my friends who have been pregnant before say would be a HUGE mistake.

Time to bust out the Big Mama Pants!

I have a feeling I will be wearing this dress a lot.


Current preggo mamas- to- be or past preggo ladies, any suggestions, tips, on what to buy during these 9 months?!


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