Soulcycle DC

Happy (rainy) Monday!

Hope everyone had a good weekend and is ready to start this week off with a bang. 🙂


On Friday morning, I joined my friend Katie for my first ever SoulCycle spinning class. I had heard several great things about SoulCycle from my friends in NYC. Everything ranging from:

  • It’s so amazing!
  • Such a great workout!
  • It kicks your a$$!
  • Be prepared to sweat.

Well Soulcycle finally made it’s way to D.C. and from the looks of what I saw on Friday morning fellow DCers are loving it.

Here are my thoughts:

  • I liked the office and studio space a lot. The entrance to SoulCycle was open and bright = very inviting. The people at the front desk were cheerful and ready to help out – especially to this first-timer.
  • I loved how the studio provides actual spinning shoes to you – they include this in the fee for the class.
  • It was incredibly helpful that SoulCyle had several staff members on hand in the actual studio to help people adjust their bikes, answer any last minute questions, and just see that everyone was ready for an amazing workout.
  • Our instructor, Garrett, was great. Peppy, energetic, and really did lead us on a great workout.
  • The music selection at SoulCycle was awesome. Definitely got riders in the mood.
  • I liked how SoulCycle incorporated mini-weights into the spinning workout. I had never been to a spinning class that did that. (Whenever we did our “arms workout” we just used our arms).
  • While I liked this class a lot, I don’t think it was SO AMAZING that it blew all my other spinning classes at different locations out of the water, so to speak.
  • I will probably come back on occasion, but the rather steep price of $30 per class (though there are package deals) will probably prevent me from coming back frequently. That and the fact that I’m loving the newest Vida Fitness location at the Yards a lot and they offer spinning classes as well.

For more information go here.

I debated sharing this hysterical quote about SoulCycle courtesy of one of my co-workers because it can be considered crass to some, but it was just too good to pass up.

“Wow, I’d rather get a pap smear than go to a SoulCycle class (in NYC)”. Her reasoning? The super skinny women that go there with completely made up faces, sporting their huge engagement rings.

I will say there were a few in my Friday class, but I was too preoccupied with it being my first time there I didn’t mind. 🙂

Have a great day!


Are you a fan of spinning and/or SoulCycle?


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