Turkey and Prague Thanksgiving Trip – First Full Day in Prague

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! Hope you all have a super fun and safe night out or in. šŸ™‚

Let’s continue our trip recap shall we?


After a very restful night of sleep, Tommy, mom, and I woke up ready to see what more the city of Prague had to offer. First stop: breakfast! To say the breakfast buffet at our hotel was lavish and delicious is an understatement. We never tired of the food and always looked forward to a relaxing and decadent meal to start our busy days. (And the fact that we did this 5 mornings in a row says a lot!)

Due to poor timing, Tommy had to finish a final paper for his master’s class at the beginning of our trip so mom and I decided to leave him be in our luxurious suite to write and research away while we took the opportunity to explore Prague and shop a little. šŸ™‚ Don’t worry – we came back to the hotel after a few hours and made sure Tommy saw the light of day and enjoyed his second night in Prague. šŸ™‚


Mom and I popped into a neat puppet shop as we walked to Old Town Square. Mom really liked these puppet fairies.

We passed by the famous Astronomical Clock - but didn't happen to see the little figurines that came out at the top of each hour. We'd see those later on our trip.

We passed by the famous Astronomical Clock – but didn’t happen to see the little figurines that came out at the top of each hour. We’d see those later on our trip.

We were able to catch a glimpse of the Old Town Square Christmas Market during the day, which was cool. However I couldn’t wait to see the Christmas Market later that night – as the annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony was happening then!

049 048 047

After a couple of hours of shopping and wondering around my stomach began to growl so mom and I decided to partake in some outdoor Czech kiosk food.

First up – a delicious cinnamon swirl roll! Sadly not pictured, but very tasty. Then we decided we needed some hearty Czech kolbasa.


051We knew the kolbasa would be right up Tommy’s alley so we brought him back two different kinds before we headed back to the hotel to collect him.

This cheered him up immediately. We spent the next hour or so watching Tommy gobble up his meaty treats and then we relaxed a bit in the VIP Lounge before we all headed out (Tommy included). We had the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony to go to!

One of our hotel reps suggested we get to Old Town Square for the tree lighting ceremony at least an hour beforehand as the square gets absolutely mobbed with people. She wasn’t kidding! Despite it being very crowded we somehow managed to find a nice, tight spot within the crowd that gave us a good view of the tree. For the next hour we amused ourselves by taking pictures of each other and the scenes in the square as you will see below.


A bridge in the middle of the square. During the day people were allowed to walk on the bridge and it proved to be a great spot to take panoramic pictures of the hustle and bustle of the square. On this night, pedestrians weren’t allowed on there for some reason.

Beautiful shot of the Church of Our Lady before Tyn in Old Town Square.

Beautiful shot of the Church of Our Lady before Tyn in Old Town Square.

069 068

And finally it was time – the tree was lit!


072 071

070After we admired the lit tree for a bit and managed to break free of the crowds, we decided to pop into a tavern in the Old Square for a quick bite to eat (soups and salads) before we headed back in the direction of our hotel. Mom ended up peeling off from us, while Tommy and I decided to explore the small Christmas Market near our hotel again. We sipped on apple cider from the booth we went to the previous night, we sampled some roasted chestnuts from a woman outside of the Palladium and we decided to buy a small bag of fresh popped popcorn from another woman nearby.

We ended the night by stopping by our hotel bar and sipping on some truly decadent Czech-style hot chocolate before calling it a night!


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