Turkey and Prague Thanksgiving Trip – 4th Day in Prague

The next day after breakfast we were off again! This time to enjoy a 2-hour boat cruise and tour on the Vltava River. Tommy had suggested it a few days into our trip and mom and I agreed since we thought it’d be an interesting way to see the city.

It turned out to be all right. It wasn’t a total waste, but none of us would recommend it to anyone. There was just nothing special about it and the “boat cruise” was anything but. We essentially slowly cruised down one part of the river for about 20 minutes and then made our way back to shore. We did see a bunch of sites we had seen the previous day from the water which was cool – the Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge for example. However it seemed most of the cruise time was spent waiting for other patrons to come aboard.

Our cruise package did come with a coffee and cake ticket for each of us which was charming. We all found both to be quite tasty!


Czech coffee.


Hazelnut Cream Cake.

After the cruise was over we decided to walk from the dock back to Old Town Square – in the snow! Yup, while we were on the boat it steadily began to snow. 🙂 It was about a 30 minute walk.


I promise it’s really snowing!

View of the Vltava taken on our walk back to town.

View of the Vltava taken on our walk back to town.

We popped into a couple of cute shops to putter around in (and warm and dry off a bit) before heading into a cute, quiet tavern for some beers (mom and Tommy) and Goulash (Tommy).

Soon after we walked over to Mirror Chapel Clementinum to enjoy  a short (about an hour) musical concert!  We heard a Czech rendition of Mozart, Handel, Albinoni, Schubert, and A. Vivaldi to name a few. It was really awesome and quite pleasant to sit in the beautiful venue and just be still and listen to beautiful music for a bit. We were part of a packed audience that evening.

After the concert, since the snow had slowed down a lot, we continued to walk and ended up all the way in Wenceslas Square. Here we saw yet another Christmas Market.

112As well as the Wenceslas Monument and National Museum.


It was a beautiful square. The square is also aligned with a lot of high-end shopping boutiques.


Being a tourist.

21After we spent about 30 minutes in the square we were getting hungry (despite stopping at a couple of vendors to munch on street food – potatoes and sausage) so we headed back to Old Town Square and back to Cafe Miljenjic. I told you we fell in love with this place!

Of course we had wonderful food the second time around and befriended a nice Swiss couple we ended up sharing a table with for part of our meal. By the end of our conversation they had convinced us to come visit Switzerland sometime.

Here is what I ordered. (Tommy and mom helped me too).


Czech-style French Onion soup.


Brie and French Bread.


Ice Cream with Warm Raspberries.

We couldn’t believe we were leaving Prague the next afternoon. 😦



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