Tuesday Tidbits 103 – Turkey and Prague Thanksgiving Trip – 5th Day in Prague

On our 5th and final “day” (it really wasn’t a full day as we had to head to the airport around 3pm to catch a plan back to Istanbul) was full of activity and some impending post-vacation gloom as you can probably imagine.

1) We visited and walked through the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn.

2) We walked up to the top of the Astronomical Clock and saw some killer aerial views of Prague.





3) We ate a delicious pasta lunch at Pasta Fresca.

What I wouldn't give to have this pasta dish right now!

What I wouldn’t give to have this pasta dish right now!

4) And we did some last minute shopping. I finally buckled down and bought a beautiful Moldavite ring I had been coveting at a store since we arrived in Prague. Moldavite is an olive-green vitreous substance possibly formed by a meteorite impact and is thought to be only found in the Czech Republic.  Side bar: I am wearing the ring today and still love it!

One more picture of the Christmas Tree in Old Town Square!

One more picture of the Christmas Tree in Old Town Square!

5) Pretty soon we were getting in our car that was taking us to the airport. Our original plans included spending the evening enjoying another part of Istanbul once we landed, but a flight delay ruined those plans. We ended up not being able to check into our hotel until 1am the next morning and then had to head back to the airport after breakfast later that morning to board our plane back to D.C. Oh well.

Another side bar: One of the perks of flying on Turkish Airlines is if you have a layover in Istanbul that is over 8 hours the airline will put you up in a hotel. I think the standard for a hotel is that it has to be at least 4 stars so you are rest assured you won’t be staying in a shady place. We did this on the return – in all honesty our experience was okay. The hotel was fine – just old, but clean and had a nice sized buffet breakfast. But it was nice not to have to pay for a hotel room!

We had such a wonderful time on this trip and highly recommend going to Istanbul and Prague some day!

Have a great Tuesday night. 🙂


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