Children’s Books

Hello and Happy Friday!

One of the many things I am doing in preparation for Ava’s April arrival (how is that for alliteration!) is gradually and regularly updating our registry for her. I am not shy about admitting how overwhelming I found the process of putting together a registry together, but luckily I had so many kind and generous friends share their personal reviews of various products and offer their suggested lists of “must need” baby items. This definitely helped.

The items on the registry that I have probably had the most fun adding are different children’s books I remember loving as a child. I grew up and continue to love reading so I hope that not only does Ava develop a love of reading,  but Tommy and I plan to read nightly to her when she gets a little older as part of her bedtime ritual.

So far these are the books I can think of that I’d like to include in Ava’s book collection:

  1. Green Eggs and Ham
  2. Pat the Bunny
  3. Corduroy
  4. Are You My Mother?
  5. Love You Forever
  6. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  7. Good Night Moon
  8. Runaway Bunny


I know there are sooooo many more great children’s books out there. What were some of your favorites not on this list? Thanks in advance!


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