Weekend Highs and a Blue

Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I did, contrary to what part of this blog post title infers – in all honesty I am just being a tad dramatic, but let me back up.

Since Tommy was in Maine this weekend visiting his family, I took this weekend to really start getting to work on Ava’s nursery. My mom spent the night on Friday night and on Saturday we painted an accent wall in Ava’s nursery. Fairly early on I had decided that I wanted to paint just one wall in her room and the color I was veering towards for the wall was a mint greenish color. I thought a mint green would be really pretty and then we could add pops of pink and yellow throughout the room in the form of lamps, wall hangings, and bedding, etc. What I didn’t want was for the nursery to be spewing just pink.

With my mom’s vision we gradually decided that general theme of the nursery would be a fairyland of sorts. I found a really cute tree decal with several fairies flying around the tree on Etsy (photo coming soon) and mom has already bought a few fairy figurines and wall hangings. Again, I don’t want this theme to be overblown, but I think the direction we are going with the nursery will be super cute.

Anyway after a couple of runs to Home Depot and Lowes to grab various swatches of paint colors and getting Tommy’s opinion on what color he liked best for the wall, we settled on Ralph Lauren’s Signet Green Flat Interior paint. I LOVED how the wall turned out!


Honestly, I don’t think this photo does the wall justice, but trust me – the wall looks beautiful. 🙂

My next step for the nursery is to purchase the tree decal and get to work on buying some pieces of furniture to start filling out the room.

Starting on the nursery and spending some quality time with my mom were definitely my weekend highs. We cooked some delicious meals together and had several good chats. 🙂

My weekend blue was how the Cowboys/Packers game turned out. If you can guess that the Cowboys lost, you are correct. Le sigh. They played extremely well (and were in the lead until the middle of the 4th quarter). They had a wonderful season overall and I’m proud of them. It just would’ve been nice to see them advance a little further towards the Super Bowl. Oh well – next year! The good news is right after the game was Book Club, so I couldn’t dwell on the loss too much then.

After Book Club I occupied myself with spending some time with Tommy once I got home to hear how his weekend was and then watching some of the Golden Globes.


How was your weekend?


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