Pregnancy Fitness Goals/Routine


I officially entered my third and final trimester last week. It is SO crazy to think how fast time has flown by. Tommy and I can barely believe that the first and second trimesters are finito.

As you may remember, I worked out pretty regularly pre-pregnancy and I am happy to report that I have kept up a steady and regular workout schedule during my pregnancy. Obviously the degree and impact of my workouts aren’t as intense as they used to be before I was pregnant, but I’m pretty stoked that my energy and stamina levels have remained such that allow me to workout 4-5 days a week.

I pretty much do the same things I did pre-pregnancy just either a) for a shorter time, b) I modify my routines, and c) I use smaller weights. I try to do a yoga class and run at least once a week. I also insert some weight-lifting into the mix, as well as eliptical and recumbent bike workouts and I plan on going to some spin classes.

Here is what this week looks like in terms of a workout plan:

Monday: Eliptical for 30 minutes + stretching after

Tuesday: Ran for 30 minutes (alternated every 5 minutes with walking and running)

Wednesday: 60 minute Vinyasa class

Thursday – resting – due to work travel

Friday – resting – due to work travel

Fingers crossed I can stay this active throughout my third trimester!


For you pregnant or used-to-be pregnant folks, did you have specific workout routines or goals?

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  1. Thomas Comeau

    nice – keep it up!

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