God Bless Texas, err Dallas

Happy Friday friends!

Even though it was technically only a three-day work week for me (with President’s Day off and our snow day on Tuesday) this work week has left me exhausted. Who knew so much could happen in just several days, lol. 🙂

Later today my mom and I are headed to Dallas to attend my Dallas baby shower tomorrow afternoon. My best friend Katie is hosting the shindig at her house, and my other best friend, Sarah, and two other close friends, Elaine and Christina, are co-hosting the shower with Katie.

To say I am excited is an understatement. It will be so much fun to see friends and family members and to really start celebrating Ava. I mean, let’s not lie, we have been celebrating Ava since we found out I was pregnant, but there is something to be said for attending your own baby shower. It means the birth of your child is imminent and it means so much that your friends and family want to celebrate this big life development with you.

Be on the lookout for a recap next week!

Hope you have a fun, safe, and warm weekend. 🙂


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