Ava Crash Course!

Happy Monday night folks! This evening I find myself in Boston, MA on a work trip for a few days. I thought I’d pop in and say hello before tucking myself to bed. It’s been a LONG day (and it’s only Monday!)

On Saturday, Tommy and I took an intensive day-long childbirth class – 9:00am – 5:30pm at Sibley Memorial Hospital. This is where we will welcome little Ava into this world. Even though this class certainly made for a long day, we decided to do it all in one day rather than doing mini 2-hour sessions for several nights a week or per week.

We obviously expected to learn a lot, but we learned a lot. The most informative topics for us were learning about epidurals & other pain alleviating options, and Cesarean sections (everything that is included in the process, how it is administered, the advantages, and risks).

The most beneficial thing I learned were the different stages of labor, how to distinguish them from one another, and when and what actions to take during each of them. In a nutshell, the birthing process can be simplified as 1) pushing, 2) birth, 3) placenta.

For a little more description you can break this three-parter down a little more:

  • First stage includes early labor (which I had no idea could last between 6-12 hours…this is before you even head to the hospital!) Then active labor, then transition.
  • Second stage is the most intense stage, but typically occurs fast and intermittently. This is when the baby is delivered.
  • Third stage is the delivery of the placenta.

Learning exactly what happens during each of these stages and how long the contractions last definitely helped Tommy and I formulate different plans for all kinds of scenarios for when I happen to go into labor and what plans we take before going to the hospital, i.e. what happens if I go into labor during work, at home, in the middle of the night, etc.

We also got to tour the hospital delivery rooms and postpartum rooms. While I very much enjoyed this tour and knowing where I would generally be in less than 2 months, it made me a tad anxious as this whole “having a baby” thing is getting more real each day.

Needless to say, we were both pretty wiped out once class was over at 5:30pm. Lucky for us mom was back at our house cooking dinner for us! (She had come over earlier to let Violet out since we couldn’t get to her during the day).

In addition to all the great knowledge we took with us from our childbirth class, we got another keepsake too. 🙂


Have a great night!



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