It’s Been Awhile…


Since it’s been a few days, I thought for today’s post we would play catch-up.

1) The rest of my Boston trip was interesting…my donor event on Wednesday was wonderful and well worth the work and anxiety leading up to it. 🙂 To celebrate, my co-worker Emily and I ate dinner here in her neighborhood. Our hearty Italian dinner choices hit the spot. 🙂

2) D.C. got another winter storm that begun Thursday late- morning which led to my original Thursday 9am flight back to D.C. getting canceled on Wednesday evening. After waiting for hours to get booked on another flight, which I did – I decided to try and shoot for the 6am flight to see if I could beat the storm which was scheduled to arrive by 11am – only to have that one canceled seconds after I had confirmed my seat on that flight. Long story short, I finally got on a standby flight at 3pm on Thursday. This flight I was shocked to see actually take off. I thought it would be a miracle to get a seat on the flight and even less of a chance that the flight would take-off considering it was still snowing pretty heavily in D.C. at the time. In any event, I finally got home around 8pm when everything was said and done.

3) On Friday night I made another great Blue Apron meal for Tommy and me, Chicken Pot Pie and Biscuits!


4) Saturday morning I was on the train to New York City to 1) celebrate my good friend Tiffany’s upcoming wedding by co-hosting her bridal shower with another friend of hers in Brooklyn (recap tomorrow!) and 2) for work meetings on Monday. I guess this was the week of canceled travel plans and delays because my train from D.C. to NYC was delayed over 2 hours. It definitely wasn’t ideal, but my friends and I didn’t let that dampen our weekend!

5) I will be heading home Monday evening. Definitely cannot wait to be back with Tommy and Ms. V!

I think we’re all caught up! Hope everyone has a great Monday.


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