Busy Weekend

Happy Monday folks! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. My weekend was good, a little jam-packed but I got a lot of things done which is always good. I thought the perfect way to recap the weekend was via a chronological list. 🙂

1) On Friday, Tommy and I decided to do an impromptu date night at Ambar. As you can see here and here, I am definitely a fan of Ambar.

2) Tommy and I treated ourselves to massages (a prenatal massage for me and a deep tissue massage for him) at M3 Massage on Saturday morning.

3) After massages we were able to take off a very important item from “Ava’s To Buy” list – her car seat! Note to future mothers or people buying baby gifts for their friends and/or family members. – the best time to go to Buy Buy Baby in Springfield, VA is early Saturday morning. This is before the madness begins!

4) Tommy and I decided to treat ourselves to lunch at a Chinese restaurant, Golden Hong Kong, right by Buy Buy Baby.

5) Later that night, Tommy and I had two engagements to attend. 1) My yoga instructor at Vida had invited us to her house for an evening of meditation, chanting, a big vegetarian potluck dinner, and a speech recapping her yoga retreat to Maui. Unfortunately we had to leave before the potluck feast, but we enjoyed observing and participating in the meditating and chanting. 2) Our next stop was at our old stomping grounds, Capitol Hill Tower, for our friend Danielle’s annual St. Patty’s Day Party.

6) The next morning we had to wake-up early because we had another all-day childcare class, (this class was what Tommy and I jokingly referred to as the class soon-to-be-parents take so they don’t accidentally kill their child after s/he is born), a Babycare and Breastfeeding Class. Luckily this class was only from 9am-3pm, NOT 9am-6pm like our Childbirth class was.

Learning how to swaddle a baby.

Learning how to swaddle a baby.

7) As with our Childbirth class, we got an hour lunch break so instead of eating at the hospital cafeteria like we did last time we decided to go exploring around the area for a place to eat and get a change of scenery. Thanks to my “Around Me” iPhone app, we stumbled upon Passion Fin Asian Bistro and got some delicious sushi for lunch!

We ordered California rolls, Avocado rolls, Vegetarian rolls, and a Tuna roll (for Tommy).

We ordered California rolls, Avocado rolls, Vegetarian rolls, and a Tuna roll (for Tommy).

8) When we finally made it home later that evening (after stopping to do our weekly grocery shopping at a nearby Safeway) we arrived back home and were greeted by Violet (of course) and my mom! She had agreed to come by earlier in the afternoon to let Violet out and hang with her since we would be gone for most of the day. To top it all off, she had made dinner for us, which was ready to eat as soon as we walked in the door. So sweet!

9) The rest of our Sunday was spent doing chores and tasks around the house since we didn’t have time to do it earlier in the weekend – chores, reading the Saturday and Sunday paper, preparing lunches and outfits for the work day, and reading a book for Book Club.

All in all a very productive weekend!

Hope you all have a great night.


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