First Day of Spring

Happy Friday everyone!

Well, if you live in the DMV area (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) today definitely does not feel like the first official day of Spring. Why you may ask? Oh because it’s snowing right now, yep – you read that right – snowing. Though this may seem wild ‘n’ crazy, this area is notorious for finicky weather during this time. Let’s travel back to 2 years ago on Bee in DC. Le sigh, what are you going to do?

I began the day off with a nice, leisurely hour-long workout at Vida. I did the Recumbent Bike for 30 minutes before doing some upper body weight & strength training (dumbbell rows, dumbbell presses, and dumbbell raises). I was a bit tired (still am) since I didn’t get the best quality of sleep last night, but it felt good to log in a workout.

I followed my healthy morning with an equally healthy lunch – a coworker and I decided to brave the rain/sleet/snow/slush that was still falling from the sky at noon and walked a few blocks to Sweet Green. We each ordered an Earth Bowl and it was delicious.

Later this evening Tommy, Violet, and I have two very special weekend guests staying with us – Tommy’s mom, Norma, and his older sister, Christy! They are in town to visit and attend Ava’s DC Baby Shower tomorrow. 🙂 We cannot wait to see them and have a few fun things lined up for them (besides the shower). Expect a week and baby shower recap next week!

Hope everyone has a wonderful (and hopefully snowy/rainy-free) weekend!


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