Passing the Baton

Last night we had our March SMU D.C. Alumni Leadership team meeting after work in my office.

With the exception of the “Welcome Back/Happy New Year” happy hour we did in January, this was the first time the majority of the team was able to do a meeting in person. We are just such busy bees!

It was a very productive meeting – we accomplished a lot in the 1.5 hours we met ironing out our calendar of events for the rest of 2015, talking strategy and goals around a number of things, talking about our current leadership roles and plans of transition and catching each other up with our lives.

Yours truly is no longer President of the SMU D.C. Alumni Leadership team. I officially passed my baton to my fellow team member and good friend, Steven. My two year commitment would have ended in mid-June, but with Ava’s impending arrival next month I decided it was best to pick a successor on the team as soon as possible so the team would be ready when our little Princess arrives. 🙂 I promised Steven that I would still be on the team for the foreseeable future, though I may be a little MIA for the next 3 months or so – which he was very understanding about. 😉

I have no doubt Steven will ROCK in his new role. Congrats!


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