Tuesday Tidbits – 113

Happy Tuesday morning! Sorry I wasn’t able to pop in yesterday. The day just flew by, particularly with my co-worker and I heading to NYC for a work event last night. I have a couple of hours in NYC today before I train back to D.C. later this morning. Without further ado, here is this week’s Tuesday Tidbits!

1) Instead of doing a full post recap on our last 14th Street Eating Tour destination I thought I’d include it in today’s post. As mentioned on Friday Tammy, Miki, and I decided to include our significant others in this month’s restaurant choice, The Pig. As most meat-loving men would, they happily accepted the invitation and we had a great meal together. Tommy and I had eaten here before too so he was particularly looking forward to dinner. 🙂

Tammy decided to order the spare rib special…


Since I wasn’t feeling in tip top shape I tried to order things that wouldn’t further upset my stomach. I settled on the meatball appetizer and the brussel sprouts.

IMG_0504 IMG_0503

Everyone seemed to love their meals so I would say our Pig outing was a success!

2) My good friend Mandy and her boyfriend Tust from my SMU days were in town this past weekend so I met up with them for brunch on Sunday in Columbia Heights. Since I hadn’t been to this area in awhile I took brunch recs from several friends who live in this area and Maple was one of them. Our food was good and the three of us had such a great time catching up! I miss my Mandarin so much! She was too sweet and paid for brunch and then showered Ava with ADORABLE baby gifts.



Since my stomach still wasn’t 100% I ,again, tried to choose something that wouldn’t upset it too much. I settled on a savory panini with Italian sausage, an egg and fontina cheese with a side of breakfast potatoes.


3) A photo some of my co-workers and a chef supporter, Marc Murphy, and I took last night at our work event at Bagatelle in the Meatpacking District.


4) After our work event, a few co-workers and I decided to grab a late-dinner near by at Dos Caminos. I had been here before so I was optimistic I would find something (again) that wouldn’t disrupt my stomach – which I did – a chopped salad.

5) And just this morning my good friend Tiffany stopped by my hotel to eat breakfast with me! One of the many topics of conversation we discussed over tea and breakfast was how the next time she would see me would be with Ava. CRAZY!

And there is your Tuesday Tidbits wrap-up. Hope you have a wonderful day!


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