D.C. Yoga Week 2015

The things you learn. 🙂

First of all, no Ava just yet. However one of my co-workers who was a couple of weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy had her sweet baby girl last night! This was her first pregnancy as well. Her baby was late, she had to be induced, and then needed to have a C-section because her daughter, Cameron, clocked in at 9.5 lbs! Of course I have been very excited to meet Ava, but after seeing my co-worker go through this miracle and to see her and her husband looking so happy and proud in photos, I can say that I’m definitely ready to meet my little angel – hopefully soon!

So since there is no Ava, I carried on with my normal Wednesday routine which usually starts with my 6:30am Vinyasa class at Vida. Today was no different and even though I started class tired and a bit tight, by the end of class I felt looser and more energetic. I also found that I was able to do more this week in class than last week. (Last week there were movements I just couldn’t do anymore with my expanding stomach and I felt myself getting tired a lot. I also had to make a trip to the restroom during class, which disturbed my flow for sure).

Anyway, after class my instructor, who I love, announced that May 3 – 9 is D.C. Yoga Week, which as the website states is when the DC Community of Yoga (DCCY) brings together the yoga community of the Metro DC area of DC, VA, & MD to support the growth of local practice and acts as a clearinghouse for DC area residents to create or expand their practice. In layman’s terms the annual week-long event is designed to increase awareness about the benefits of yoga and meditation and encourage greater physical health and well-being.

During this week participating yoga studios offer free or discounted ($5!) yoga classes to people and the week ends with Yoga on the Mall on May 9th from 10am – 12pm where yoga enthusiasts and beginners can gather to practice on the Mall at Constitution Gardens near the Vietnam Memorial.

I am kind of bummed knowing that I will most likely not be able to participate in D.C. Yoga week because of Ava, but I’m definitely going to encourage that Tommy partake in some yoga fun. 🙂

For more information on D.C. Yoga Week go here.


Are you a fan of yoga?


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