No Ava Yet!

Well Ava’s estimated due date was this past Friday, April 24th…and that day came and went, lol.

As Tommy and I keep telling friends and family, now we’re just in the waiting period. We’re not stressed yet – just excited and anxious to meet our sweet girl, but we know she’ll come on her own time when she’s ready. An interesting fact my OB-GYN told my mom and me at my doctor’s appointment on Friday is that first – time moms are on average 4 days late from their due date. So as of now Ava falls right into this average.

While there have been times when I feel pretty crummy, my third trimester hasn’t been that bad at all (which also characterizes my entire pregnancy in general). I worked out several times last week and while I worked from home (actually at my mom’s since she lives in DC proper) last Thursday and Friday in anticipation of Ava possibly being early or on time, I am at the office today and things are going okay. I’m slow-moving, but that is to be expected. I also was given a beautiful and delicious cupcake by a co-worker to curb a sweet tooth craving:

FullSizeRender (3)

Chocolate Cupcake and Cheesecake Stuffing with Strawberry Cream Cheese frosting. YUM!

We’ll just have to see when the little Miss will grace us with her presence!

I read an interesting article earlier today that spoke to me, since it’s quite timely for me being pregnant and all.

Hope you’re having a great Monday!

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