Tuesday Tidbits – 118 (14th Street Eating Tour Catch-up)

There was some dining done on 14th Street these past few months. 🙂

  1. For May Tammy, Miki, and I decided to go back to a tried favorite of ours on 14th Street, Le Diplomate since this month’s meal would be a special one: Ava’s first 14th Street dining experience! I should also mention that Tammy bet me that I wouldn’t make it to this month’s restaurant because of how close it would’ve been since I gave birth. I bet her I would. Loser would buy the other dinner. Well, girlfriend should have known not to bet me on anything (I hate to lose), especially not when a meal was on the line. 🙂 We also had another special guest at this month’s meal – my cousin Lena. She was visiting us to see if she’d be up for moving out here with us (she’s from LA) for 6 months to watch Ava while Tommy and I were working during the week. As you can see from yesterday’s post, she agreed!
  2. For June we had chosen to go to Rice, but at the last minute I couldn’t make it because Ava was having some post- 2 -month- shot reactions which she had done at the pediatrician’s earlier that morning. I had already eaten at Rice several years ago but I was bummed to miss Thai food. Tammy and Miki were great and took pictures of their food in my absence.

Pad Thai.


Pineapple Chicken.


Spring rolls.

3. In July Tammy, Miki, and I went to Commissary.  While I had been before, Tammy and Miki hadn’t. Tommy was       sweet and offered to watch Ava so I could enjoy a “grown-up” meal


I had to order an Oreo milkshake.

To go along with my Cheeseburger + Avocado.

To go along with my Cheeseburger + Avocado.

Tammy decided to order the Steak Frites with a Chimicurri sauce.

Tammy decided to order the Steak Frites
with a Chimicurri sauce.

While Miki got the Reuben.

While Miki got the Reuben.

4. And finally for August, just last Friday we ate at Sette Osteria. We decided to let the boys, Ava, and Lena in on this month’s dinner. All who came, except Natan, because he had double-booked himself and had a private session at the gym…lame(!) Apologies for no photos, (quite frankly I was so famished and gobbled up all of my food before I realized we hadn’t taken any photos of my food or anyone else’s) but I can tell you that my Fettuccine Alfredo and Creme Brulee were delicious! You could really tell the noodles were freshly made.The original location is in Dupont, which I had been to several years ago.

5. For our September restaurant we are thinking of going to Garden District. Stay tuned!


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