Ava and Dallas Meet

Hello and happy (late) Monday!

I hope everyone had a good weekend. My little family and I had a wonderful weekend – we took a family trip (minus Violet who stayed at home with Lena) to Dallas. My best friend Katie is expecting her first child, a boy, in late-October and several girls and I were throwing her a baby shower on Saturday. I also thought it would be a great opportunity for Tommy to return to Dallas since it had been awhile since he visited and for Ava to be introduced to Dallas, family, and friends here!

This trip wasn’t Ava’s first plane ride, but she was just as good on these two plane rides (to and from) as she was on her first plane ride to Atlanta for her Uncle Marshall’s wedding last month. (Recap on the flight and wedding coming soon!)

Someone is patiently waiting for the flight to take off to Dallas.

Someone is patiently waiting for the flight to take off to Dallas.

And about an hour later this is what she was doing on the plane.

About an hour later this is what she was doing on the plane.

Once we landed in Dallas we collected our suitcase from the baggage claim, got our rental car, and headed to Cafe Express in Mockingbird Station to meet my college friend Lauren, her two sons Connor and Ryder, and her mom for a late lunch.

Hard to believe these two sorority sisters have three kids between them now!

Hard to believe these two sorority sisters have three kids between them now! (Ryder was with Nana who was taking the picture).

After lunch we said good-bye to Lauren and company and went to check into our hotel, the Hyatt House. Once Ava and Tommy were settled comfortably, I left them for about an hour to run a couple of errands for Katie’s shower the next day.

We ended the day having a nice, casual, quiet dinner at Breadwinner’s Cafe with the mama-to-be and the daddy-to-be a few hours later.

The next morning, Saturday, Tommy and Ava took me to Central Market to pick up a platter of assorted tea sandwiches and croissants I had pre-ordered for the shower and then dropped me off at Elaine’s house AKA party central before heading out for a morning of daddy/daughter time.

I will put this out there right now, I took absolutely no pictures of the shower – which is SO unlike me. I guess I was just too busy throwing together a salad and making sure Katie and her guests were happy to be clicking away. The picture below of Katie and her shower co-hosts is not even my photo. Epic fail.

Keta ShowerI will say the shower itself was an all-around hit – the food, the decorations, and of course the company. I wasn’t worried, but I was curious how the end product of the shower would turn out since pretty much every single co-host was living in a different city. We just were diligent about delegating out responsibilities and keeping each other informed through email.

My friend Elaine and I were in charge of the food. Our spread included homemade chicken salad on croissants, an assortment of tea sandwiches (Seedless Cucumber, Smoked Salmon Pimento Cheese, and Ham and Swiss), this refreshing and delicious salad, a cheese and cracker board, and a fruit tart from La Madeleine. (Someone else was in charge of the other desserts).

Yours truly was also in charge of a baby game and an activity to do during the shower. I chose to do “late night” diapers where guests wrote cute messages on plain diapers for Katie and Jon to read while they were changing baby James’ diapers. 🙂 We had done this activity at one of my baby showers and Tommy and I loved reading the fun, creative messages friends wrote for us.

A few hours after the shower had concluded Tommy, Ava, and I were at the Rustic where we had invited a bunch of people to come and see us for a couple of hours in a fun, casual and informal place. Kids were welcome, drinks and food could be ordered, and people could come and go as they pleased. This turned out to be such a good idea and we were glad and touched that so many folks came by to visit and meet Ava. Here are a couple of photos from here.

The Rustic had the BEST deviled eggs I had ever had.

The Rustic had the BEST deviled eggs I had ever had.

Tommy ordered the empanadas.

Tommy ordered the empanadas.


Katie and me.


My friend Melissa and me.

After the Rustic, we went over to my friend Christina’s house for dinner where she and her boyfriend Aaron whipped up some delicious margaritas and a taco salad for us.

What a fun, busy, day we all had!

The fun wasn’t over yet. Before we flew back to Dallas early Sunday afternoon Tommy, Ava, and I met my Aunt Kim and Aunt Jackie for brunch at Oddfellows in Bishop Arts. I had tried to come here earlier on another visit but the wait was just too long (the restaurant doesn’t take reservations) and it was very clear why. The food was delicious. The key to getting a rock star table is to come at 8:45am on a Sunday and have a super cute baby in tow. 😉

To start I ordered a Hazelnut latte and beignets for the table. For my main course I got the Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese scrambled skillet (not pictured).

IMG_1078 IMG_1079

Ava meets some of her Great Aunts!

Ava meets some of her Great Aunts!

Pretty soon it was time to say our good-byes and head to the airport.

As always, Dallas was a blast to visit and I was sad to leave again. Congrats again to Keta (my nickname for Katie). I can’t wait to meet your baby boy so very soon!

And just because I couldn’t resist. I think this picture definitely says that Ava had a fun, but exhausting trip.


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