Ava Meets Atlanta

Ava’s very first airplane ride took place on July 6, when she was 2 months and 5 days old! She, my mom, and I were headed to Atlanta for my brother Marshall’s wedding.

To say I was a bit nervous about this trip would be an understatement. I wasn’t stressing myself out terribly, but I did do some online research on tips for traveling with an infant and general advice. I found this website to be very helpful in planning my trip, as well as this one.

My biggest takeaways were: nurse your baby during take-off and landing, call the airline you are flying to see if they have a maximum height restriction on strollers that you can gate check (meaning you can stroller your baby right to the gate if you choose), and see if the airline requires you to show your baby’s birth certificate to fly. For example Southwest Airlines does ask you to present your baby’s birth certificate at check-in so the baby can be given a Board Verification Document (BVD), while Virgin Airlines doesn’t.

Someone is patiently waiting for the plane to take off!

Someone is patiently waiting for the plane to take off!

The airline we took for this big trip was Southwest Airlines and they were great. I called a representative ahead of time to answer the litany of questions I had and she was so patient with me. Note: SWA doesn’t have a maximum restriction on strollers that you can gate check and because they let you check two bags for free, this is a parent’s dream scenario when traveling with an infant since there is bound to be a lot of baby stuff you’ll be traveling with!

Love this facial expression.

Love this facial expression.

On both legs of the trip I nursed Ava as we taxied towards take-off and she fed easily and then konked out for the rest of the flight! She wasn’t even awake when we landed. SCORE!

But now for the wedding details!

  • My brother married his girlfriend, Katie, of about 2 years in a very intimate church wedding (in the woods). She and her family have been going to this church for years.
  • Katie has an adorable 2-year-old named Gabe, who adores Marshall and considers Marshall his “daddy”. It is so very sweet.
  • The ceremony was in the morning and later that night we celebrated with a dinner for a bigger group of friends and family at an Italian restaurant, Provinos.
  • I am so glad that mom, Ava and I were able to make this quick trip (we left for Atlanta on Monday at 6am and we’re headed back to DC the next day at 6am!) to celebrate this milestone in Marshall’s life. (Tommy couldn’t go because he didn’t have any vacation days left. The wedding was on a Monday). As mom put it, the wedding festivities were elegant in their simplicity. Beautifully said.
The newlyweds and me.

The newlyweds and me.

Mom and the newlyweds.

Mom and the newlyweds.

The delicious wedding cake.

The delicious wedding cake.

Congrats Marshall and Katie!


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