Back to the Barre

Hello and happy hump day!

Hope you all are enjoying your Wednesday.

This past week I re-entered a world that I simply adored pre-Ava (this includes when I was pregnant with her) – BARRE CLASSES!

While I still haven’t nailed down a regular working out schedule just yet, I am working out a bit more now that Ava is a little older and I am feeling more than ready to get back into a workout routine – especially with the weather starting to cool down a bit. I love running outside in the fall and winter. Summer is the worst time to run outside (according to me). In addition to running, I was very eager to get back into taking barre classes.

I decided to end my membership at Vida for a few reasons, one of which includes my plan of spending much more time running outside, but I do think I want to substitute some barre and yoga classes into my workout mix.

So last Thursday I tried a barre class at Barre Tech in Del Ray for the first time. I really liked the class and the instructor I had. I knew this class would be a killer since it was the first barre class I had taken in about 7 months or so! A distinguishing thing about Barre Tech is that they offer a barre cardio class (which is essentially incorporating more cardio into the workout), which I thought was cool. I’d be lying if I said I knowingly signed up for a barre cardio class on this Thursday…A neat factoid for new moms? They have a “Mommy and Me” barre class available. 🙂

This past Monday, I tried Pure Barre in Dupont with a coworker for the first time. I liked this class and the instructor, Missy, a lot too. According to my co-worker Missy led an incredibly hard class this time around (compared to some of the other instructors at this location). While I enjoyed the class, I think I will be going to more Barre Tech classes regularly. Not only is the location a bit more convenient for me, but the classes are a bit cheaper…An observation from this class at Pure Barre – this was the only barre class I have been to that required all participants to wear special grip socks because you do the workout on a rug.

As much as I enjoyed these two new-to-me classes and instructors, there is still a very special place in my heart for the barre classes I took at Vida. I just loved the two instructors I had…le sigh.

Barre Tech, Pure Bure



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3 responses to “Back to the Barre

  1. Barre3 in Georgetown has childcare which is amazing!!

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