Comeau Visit

Happy Friday folks! Hope you all have some fun plans for this weekend. Some of our plans include visiting a brewery with a good friend of ours, taking care of some things around the house, going to a farmer’s market, and getting a good yoga session in. 🙂

Last weekend, Miss Ava had two very special guests that came to see her – Grammy Comeau and Auntie Christy!

The Comeau Clan!

The Comeau Clan!

In addition to lots of snuggles, laughs, and good times spent on the porch drinking coffee and wine, and enjoying each other’s company, we had a blast taking our special ladies around our new neighborhood!

  1. Unfortunately since I was working from home on Friday I couldn’t join everyone for lunch, but I suggested they go to Del Ray Cafe and everyone just loved it. Win!
  2. On Friday night we ate dinner in Old Town Alexandria at the Fish Market. I ordered their special pasta of the night (a slightly creamy scallop pasta) which was heavenly.
  3. For dessert we went just next door for some ice cream at Pop’s Ice Cream.
  4. For Saturday brunch we tried Southside 815.
  5. And later that day, I treated Christy to a lovely visit of our neighborhood Trader Joe’s store so we could buy items for our cookout we were hosting that night for everyone + my friend Carolyn.
I love this picture of Ava with her Grammy on the front porch.

I love this picture of Ava with her Grammy on the front porch.

Thanks so much for visiting Grammy and Auntie Christy. We can’t wait to see you both and the entire Comeau clan in Maine for Thanksgiving!


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