Tuesday Tidbits – 122

Hello and happy Tuesday!

  1. I tried a couple of new places this past weekend. My friend Katie and I met for brunch here in Old Town, Alexandria on Saturday. The restaurant itself was very cute – it reminded me of being in a little Parisian cafe. The crepes were delicious as well!
  2. Later that day, Ava and I met my co-worker Kathryn, her husband Matt, and their sweet daughter Addy at Emma’s in Del Ray. (Tommy sadly couldn’t join this play date. He was helping our condo tenants take care of a few maintenance items). I had a latte here and nibbled on Matt and Kathryn’s Sriracha Tater Tots and Figs with Goat Cheese. All were very good.


    Ava loves her new friend!

  3. I saw the Intern on Friday night with a couple of girlfriends. It’s not surprising that I liked it. I do love a good “chick flick.
  4. Lena and I baked two apple pies last night using the bounty we collected a few weekends ago when we went apple-picking!


Peeling the apples.


Pouring the apple mixture into the pie pans.

FullSizeRender (3)


We loosely followed this recipe. I say loosely because we didn’t attempt to make our own pie crust, nor did we attempt       to make a pastry covering for the pie. It still came out delicious in case you were wondering!

5. We’re getting ready for Halloween!


Another co-worker of mine generously gave us a bunch of clothes for Ava that were too small for her daughter Margot now. Included in the large bin was this adorable mouse costume. Lena and I couldn’t NOT see if it fit Ava.

Hope you have a great day! I’m in Boston for a work event.


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