Tuesday Tidbits – 123

Happy Tuesday everyone!

For those of you who had Columbus Day off, I hope it was a great day. Fortunately, I was in the camp that did have yesterday off and it was wonderful. One of my best friends, Meg, visited us this weekend from Omaha, Nebraska so it was nice to have yesterday to catch up on household chores, errands, and relax a bit before the work week began.

While we did many fun things this weekend, the bulk of the weekend was spent eating out. Shocking I know.

Meg used to live in DC, but moved back to Omaha in 2010. One of her most favorite things to do in the city was be on the National Mall. So of course we took a stroll on the Mall on Saturday evening.
IMG_1324 IMG_13301) On Friday night we went to Grape and Bean for drinks before heading to Los Cuates for dinner.

2) On Saturday night we tried out Due South at the Navy Yard. IT WAS DELICIOUS. I definitely plan on taking Tommy there (he was unable to come to dinner).

3) On Sunday we met our friends Allison and George for brunch at Boundary Road on H Street. This was everyone’s first time to eat here and we all enjoyed it a lot.

I ordered the BLT and it was wonderful!

I ordered the BLT and it was wonderful!

I could not NOT post this adorable picture of Allison and Ava at brunch.

I could not NOT post this adorable picture of Allison and Ava at brunch.

4) Later that day, we headed to an old favorite of Meg’s (and mine) – Clyde’s – to watch some football and for Meg to see some of her other friends in the area.

5) On Monday, we took Meg to Swings Coffee before dropping her off at the airport. While Tommy, Lena and Ava have been here several times, this was my first trip. I loved it. I definitely see myself working from home here in the near future.

Hope you have a great day!


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