Chris Cornell Concert

Tommy and I had another (finally) date night!

We went to see Chris Cornell at the Strathmore. We had only been to the Strathmore one other time, but had loved it. The venue is just so cool and it’s also nice to do something out of the ordinary once in awhile – something being attending a musical performance of some kind, for us.

I know/knew next to nothing about Chris Cornell, except he was the lead singer for Soundgarden, that has since broken up. And the only Soundgarden song I know by name and ear is Black Hole Sun. Tommy, on the other hand, has been a devoted fan of Chris’s for awhile so when he found out that he was performing in our neck of the woods, he jumped on buying tickets.

It was to be expected that Tommy would enjoy the concert, but surprisingly I did too! I also recognized a few more songs than I initially thought I would. (Chris played a couple of covers, including an amazing rendition of Ave Maria, but it turned out I knew a few more Chris Cornell songs than I thought I did!)

We also both liked his opening act a lot, though we couldn’t quite catch her name. She sang for about 30 minutes before Chris himself came up on stage 30 minutes later at around 9pm.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to snap any photos of the evening, the performance, or the delicious glass of wine and vanilla cupcake Tommy treated me to before the show. 😦 Guess I was having too much fun.

We did have to leave before the encore performance began at 11:15pm or so. We had a baby to get home to and a babysitter – Lena to relieve!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!


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