Aunt Tiffany’s Visit

Hello and Happy Monday!

My good friend Tiffany came to visit us this weekend from NYC. We hadn’t seen her since her fabulous wedding in June so it was wonderful to spend the weekend with her. Ava was enamored with “blondie”. 🙂

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Tiffany arrived on Friday evening and Tommy was nice enough to be on “Ava duty” while Tiffany and I enjoyed a nice dinner at Mason Social with our friend Allison. It was so great to get some girl time in and Mason Social was wonderful. The restaurant is about a 5-minute drive from our house and I had been wanting to try it out since Tommy and I pass it all the time going to and from our house. So glad I discovered this great neighborhood gem!

On Saturday Tommy, Ava and I took Tiffany to our favorite brunch place in Del Ray, Del Ray Cafe. I had been planning on taking Tiffany here ever since we got her trip on the books several months ago because I knew she’d love it. After brunch we went back to our house and hung out for a bit chatting and taking turns playing with Ava. Later in the afternoon Tiffany, Ava, and I joined Lena on a walk to Old Town Alexandria. We stopped in a coffee shop, Killer E.S.P. and window shopped for a couple of hours before heading home.

A little while later, we all were on the move (Tiffany, Lena, Tommy, Ava and me) to D.C. because we were meeting my friend Julie for dinner at Chaplin’s. None of us had ever been here before, and it has certainly been on my list of new restaurants to try, especially because they serve ramen. In my opinion we weren’t disappointed. I thought my ramen (I got the Chaplin) was really good and the shrimp gyoza (dumplings) was delicious too. Tiffany and I went the cocktail route for our drinks. We both ordered the Cure -Elyx Vodka, Amaro, Charred Citrus, Strawberry, Sassafras, Smoking Rosemary.It was huge and very tasty. I also loved the atmosphere of the restaurant. Very trendy (it was rather dark inside the restaurant and the music selection was upbeat). Ava did great at dinner (as she usually does whenever we take her out). She slept for the majority of dinner, and when she woke up I just pulled her out of her seat so she could join in on the discussion. Tommy fed her a bottle and then we headed out soon after that!

On Sunday, our friends Rob and Nicollete hosted our whole gang and two other mutual friends for breakfast (which was so kind of them) before we headed back to Port City Brewery for “Breakfast at the Brewery”.

FullSizeRender (3)

Tommy and I strongly encouraged Tiffany and Lena to do a beer tasting, which they did!


Our party of 8 was joined by a couple of more friends at the brewery which was so much fun.


After a couple of ours, our little gang left everyone at the brewery. I had to nurse Ava and preferred to do it at home as opposed to in the brewery or in the car (which I have done many times), and my mom wanted Tiffany, Ava, and me to come visit her before Tiffany left later that day. We had a nice little visit with mom before Ava and I dropped Tiffany off at the airport.

Thanks for coming to visit Aunt Tiffany. We had a blast!



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