A Belated Happy Halloween!

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend.

Have you ever heard people say that the holidays become a lot more fun and meaningful if you have kids (your own or otherwise) in your life to share them with? I always believed these people, but this weekend I got to experience it for myself. While I LOVE Christmas, and Thanksgiving is wonderful, I personally never got excited about Halloween. It just wasn’t MY holiday. Sure I went trick-or-treating with friends and dressed up, but let’s just say if Halloween didn’t come every year I don’t think I’d be that affected or upset.

Even though Ava is too young to remember this Halloween Tommy and I still had fun getting into the spirit with her and Violet. On Friday, I brought Lena and Ava to my office for a Halloween trick-or-treating parade for all our organization’s employees kids and a little party afterward. Tommy also joined us!

For this Halloween outing Ava was a cat!


She had such a good time looking and visiting with other kids, babies, and my fellow co-workers. Towards the end of the party she was a little pooped to say the least!


On Saturday, actual Halloween Day, we had plans to go to a winery in Leesburg, Tarara Winery, for a Halloween day concert, but teething got in the way. Ava was pretty fussy during the day which kind of concerned me – I wanted her to enjoy her first Halloween night. Luckily she got all of her crying and fussiness out of the way during the day.

At around 5:30pm or so trick-or-treaters began making their way down our neighborhood looking for goodies. We had a steady stream of traffic for a couple of hours too. Good thing we had lots of candy to handout!

Violet and Ava were ready! Violet was a pumpkin and Ava was a mouse.

We decided not to take Ava or Violet trick-or-treating this year, but we had tons of fun dressing them up and passing out candy to all of the neighborhood kids. Though we had never officially discussed this, Tommy and I didn’t dress up ourselves for Halloween this year. Like I said earlier since Halloween isn’t MY holiday I didn’t really lead the charge to dress up as a family. A lot of my friends with babies and kids dressed up as a family which I thought was adorable (Muppets, Jurassic Park, Three Little Pigs). Tommy also had a good, rational (like always), answer for this too: since Ava is honestly too young to remember this Halloween we gave ourselves a pass, since we’re pretty sure that all subsequent Halloweens we’ll be dressing up to celebrate with our Little Miss. 🙂

IMG_1425 FullSizeRender (3)

Mom joined us for our Halloween festivities, which was great!

Here’s to next year!


What were you this year?


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