Tuesday Tidbits – 127

Happy Tuesday night! Hope everyone is well.

  1. Still going strong on week #2 with making a different crock-pot recipe. Today I made this. It came out pretty good.
  2. Tommy and I had a super busy weekend (2 weddings in different cities)! A recap will be coming your way soon. This weekend was also the first time we left Ava overnight (two nights, actually). In addition to numerous texts and face time, we made sure to receive a lot of photos over the weekend. This one is probably my fave.


3. Who has Veteran’s Day off tomorrow? (Yours truly does). In the morning Ava and I are meeting two of my co-workers        and their daughters for coffee and breakfast and then the plan is to go to the National Zoo with Lena and Ava!

4. Call me crazy, but I’ve already started thinking about our annual holiday party this year. I’ve decided the theme will be        “holiday happy hour”.

5. And now I must bid adieu as I (try) to watch the Republican Presidential Debate on TV.

Have a great night!


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