Christmas Traditions I’d Like to Continue and Begin

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a Happy New Year.

Pardon the timeliness (or lack thereof) for this post, but this is just to prepare you for the several posts that will be a mix of recaps and current musings for awhile as I try and make up the time I lost while I took a brief hiatus. 🙂 Hopefully all the back and forth will make sense.

For those who know me, or that have either been following Bee in DC, or have read the blog regularly it is no secret that I absolutely love Christmas. Is it my favorite holiday. I love everything about it. The decorating and decorations. The spirit. Christmas shopping. Getting loved ones presents I know they will love. All the parties. Hosting parties. Baking. Eating. The excitement. There is, oh, so much really!

FullSizeRender (3)

Ava met Santa for the very first time in Palm Desert over Christmas! (Trip recap coming soon).

With Ava in our lives now, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that my love for this holiday is only amplified. I absolutely cannot wait to spend the coming years with Ava getting ready for and celebrating Christmas. While Tommy and I have a few longstanding traditions we’ve done throughout the years together (sans Ava) that I hope to continue, I’m also eager to introduce new traditions with Ava as well.

Here they are in no particular order: (and the list is a work in progress!)

  1. Continue hosting an annual holiday party (Did it this year).
  2. Give each member of the family new Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve to open and wear that night and on Christmas morning. (Did it this year!)
  3. Watch a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve together as a family.
  4. Make and decorate Christmas ornaments together.
  5. Get dressed up and go to the Nutcracker with my mom and Ava.
  6. Each year give each of your children a Christmas ornament.
  7. Sponsoring a child in need during the holidays to teach Ava the importance of giving back and how fortunate she is. (Did it this year).


What are some of your favorite Christmas/holiday family traditions?

What I wrote on this day in 2013, 2014, (only a day off!) and 2015 (same).

Hope you have a wonderful day!



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