Friday Round-Up (Past Month)

Happy Friday!

So…I guess the elephant in the room is that it’s been exactly a month since I last posed on Bee in DC…my bad. I really will try and be better – or at the very least write more often! I still need to do so many recaps from November and December. (I promise, they are coming!) But in the meantime, here is my attempt to recap some highlights from the past month!

Here we go:

  1. I am still on my “cook a crock-pot meal train”. My latest and greatest was this recipe. It turned out to be yummy! (Even my mom liked it. :-))
  2. Before I went back to work over the Christmas holidays Tommy, Ava, my mom, Violet, and I went on a day hike to Shenandoah National Park. It had been awhile since we had hiked a trail here. We chose to hike a different trail this time. And while we had planned on going back to the restaurant we ate at last time, it being closed for the season made us try a new place, Flint Hill Public House. The food was good here, but we weren’t in love with the decor of the restaurant. It didn’t really seem to fit with the setting our food selection they were serving. Our server was a doll though and she loved Ava. 🙂1
  3. We signed Ava up for music class! I decided to go with Music Together Alexandria. The reviews were good and quite frankly they offered weekend classes which worked out the best for Tommy and me. Each session is 10 weeks long. I really liked that Music Together gave prospective parents and babies the opportunity to come to a demo class for free to see what it was all about. Ava had a ball!

    4. We had a BIG snow blizzard in the DMV area in late-January causing us to miss 3 days of work. And to think we were having a mild winter! Tommy and I were glad Ava got to see snow for first time in her first-year.

    5. Three “14th Street Eating Tour” dinners have happened. (Though only one was on 14th Street).  In November, Tammy, Miki and I went to Compass Rose. It was great. The food was delicious and eclectic, and we liked the cozy townhouse feel and vibe. The food is served tapas style so we decided to order several different dishes to share. Starting from the top left and moving to the right: Street Potatos, Arepas, Khachapuri, Kogi Ribs, Chicken Skewers, and Creme Brulee.  YUM!

    Our next two dinners were a little off the beaten path (meaning not on 14th Street). For December, we decided to go to Lena’s Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap in Alexandria. Since we were adding several people to this month’s dinner, husbands, babies, and another friend of ours who was visiting from out of town and her boyfriend, the location was just more convenient for us. In January, we went to Momofuku because “everyone was doing it”. No, seriously Tammy was somehow able to snag a reservation at our normal dinner time so we decided what the heck. The food was good, but not fitting for the price (expensive) in our minds. Miki and I both got the Momofuku Ramen, which was fine, but we thought Daikaya’s was better. Tammy got the Momofuku Beef Noodle Soup, which she thought was good and bit more flavorful than our ramens. We also ordered the pork buns to start with.

    6. With the sad departure of Lena in December, we had to find an alternative childcare option for Ava. We were so blessed to find a fantastic family with a daughter, Sully, only 2 weeks older than Ava and a nanny that we love. The photo below warms my heart.


7. Just last weekend I took a quick trip to Dallas to visit one of my college best              friends, Katie, who just had a baby boy 3 months ago. She had flown out to meet Ava  when she was a little over a month old, so I wanted to return the favor. Since this  weekend was all about Baby James and his amazing mama, I didn’t have that much time  to visit my other friends from college, but I squeezed in a late-night happy hour and a  brunch with some folks. 🙂

Places I went to in Dallas: Eureka, Casa Rubia and Saint Rocco’s New York Italian in Trinity Groves, and Toulouse Cafe and Bar.

8. On a whim I discovered this new restaurant when I met a former co-worker for lunch yesterday. IMG_2134

9. Tommy and I signed up to run the St. Pat’s 10k DC run in early March!

10. And finally, I guess you could say I’ve gotten into the Valentine’s Day spirit! IMG_2141

What I wrote on this day in 2015.

Hope you all have a great weekend!




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