First Weekend Away Recap

Waaay back, over the first weekend in November, Tommy and I took our first trip away from Ava. We had our good friends, Lindsay and Mario’s, wedding to attend in Miami! As any parent will tell you “the first trip away from the baby” (especially your first) is definitely a milestone. While you are excited to be “baby-free” for a little bit, you are afraid you’re going to miss your little one too much, that something terrible will happen while you are away, that your little one will be absolutely horrible for her caregivers while you’re away…the list never ends. And Tommy and I certainly weren’t immune to these feelings and more. However, I am proud to say that our trip and Ava went off without a hitch!


Proof that our Mini Bee was safe.

We left Ava and Violet in the VERY capable hands of Lena, my mom, and Lena’s mom – who is a nurse – so should anything have happened that required medical attention, I’m sure everything would have been just fine. Tommy and I also weren’t going to be gone for an entire weekend because we had another wedding to attend back in D.C. at 10:30am on Sunday. That’s right, we had two weddings in two different states to attend in one weekend. Our other good friends, Tammy and Natan, were also getting married this weekend. Luckily, we were able to attend both weddings (though both couples highly doubted we’d be able to accomplish this feat. And I’m happy to say we proved everyone wrong!)

We arrived in Miami right around lunch time on Friday and then were on a 6am flight from Miami on Sunday.

Below are some photos of this incredibly fun and crazy weekend.

On Friday evening, all wedding guests were invited to enjoy a cocktail hour on the rooftop of The Betsy to start the weekend off right. The first photo is Tommy and me with the beautiful bride and handsome groom (Lindsay is the blond and Mario is the one wearing a tie) and our good friends Allison and George. The second photo is of Tommy and me clearly enjoying the start to our weekend.

After the cocktail hour, Tommy, Allison, George, and I ate a delicious dinner at Jose Andres’ The Bazaar. As you can see the food was colorful, innovative (who serves food in a tennis shoe?!), and visually pleasing. It also was very tasty.

On Saturday morning Allison, George, Tommy, and I continued our food indulgences and had brunch at the Front Porch Cafe.


By the time our table was ready we were all starving (though this hunger had nothing to do with the wait time. We were surprisingly seated fairly quickly on a Saturday morning). I managed to snap a couple photos of our yummy eating selections.

Of course we had to check in on the home front and we were immediately sent this photo.


After brunch, the four of us decided to further indulge ourselves with hour-long massages. Allison and George took the more economical route and went to Massage Envy, while Tommy and I decided to try our hotel’s spa. In the end our massages were fine…I’m just not sure we’d pay what we did, should we ever stay at this hotel again and want massages.

After some time walking on the beach, sitting poolside and eating more, it was time for the main event! The wedding venue and set-up was gorgeous. Very Miami. The reception was held outside where the hotel’s pool and adjacent restaurant were located. We all danced the night away and the majority of the men at the wedding may or may not have all jumped into the pool at the end of the reception…with all of their clothes and shoes on.

FullSizeRender (10)

FullSizeRender (9)

FullSizeRender (11)

Tommy and I partook in a little of the post-wedding gallivanting, but soon retreated to our hotel room as we were due to wake up 4 hours from then!

On Sunday after a plane ride, an Uber ride home, a quick wardrobe change, and another Uber ride to the Hotel Monaco we arrived just as Tammy was about to walk down the aisle with one of her brothers!


And then we enjoyed wedding #2 of the weekend! We were both so glad we arrived in the nick of time. I was especially glad to be present for Tammy’s big day because due to other events beyond my control I was unable to partake in all of the festivities leading up to her wedding (her bridal shower and bachelorette). She had been so great to me when I got married and had Ava (celebrating these events), so I really wanted to reciprocate all of that for her and more. (Just wait until you get pregnant Tammy – HA!)

From left to right: #1 Tammy and me with our friend Teresa, who was one of her bridesmaids. # 2 You all know how much I loved taking pictures of wedding cakes, and how I love to eat wedding cakes even more!

It was definitely a weekend to remember!

What I wrote on this day in 2013.


Have you ever had more than one wedding to attend on a weekend?



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