Thanksgiving 2015 Recap

This year’s Thanksgiving was spent in Maine, guy!

While this trip (and any trip we take up north to see family) was a lot of fun, relaxing it was not. With the exception of Tommy’s mom (Mama Comeau) and older sister, Christy, the rest of his siblings (3 others) and extended family members hadn’t yet met Ava so this was her big Maine homecoming. While it was so fun to introduce her to everyone, it just meant we were always visiting with someone or on our way to visit with someone, in the car.

Waiting to board the plane to Maine at BWI!


Tommy and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of Ava all bundled up (below). Once we landed in Portland we headed to Mama Comeau’s condo to hang out there until she got home from work. We decided to take Ava on a nice, long walk to see if she’d give us a catnap, which she did!

While it was colder in Portland than it was in DC, it was by no means FREEZING. The last time we were in Maine for Thanksgiving it snowed, so I thought I’d be super prepared by bringing snow suits, warm footie onesies, mittens, socks, etc for Ava. Well, we didn’t even need to use the 3 snow suits I brought.


Per the norm, Christy and her husband Brian always host Thanksgiving at their beautiful house (and pretty much every other big family gathering). They were also very kind to let us stay with them during our visit.

An adorable bee cake Ava’s Aunt Christie made for one of our Thanksgiving desserts.


So many wonderful generations of Comeaus (plus one more!): Tommy’s grandma, Mama Comeau, Tommy, Ava, and Tommy’s younger sister, Danielle.


Ava and Aunt Danielle, (who is getting married next year!)


Some of the beautiful centerpieces on the tables.


Ava being contemplative with Aunt Christy the next morning.

FullSizeRender (3)

You might be asking how Ava traveled and handled being away from home for several days since her last trip in July. Well, like her first two previous plane rides (here and here) she was just the best airline passenger. She didn’t sleep as much as she did in her earlier days, but while she was up she just sat in one of our laps playing with her toys or staring at people walking by.

She would only take day time naps in the car or on a walk (so she had to be moving).

Her night time patterns differed a bit each night. The first night was a little rough (and a bit of a surprise for Tommy and me since she was and still is a very good night sleeper normally). I think the main reason for her waking up a couple of times was the new environment (and an open one at that. We stayed in Christy and Brian’s loft upstairs) and all the different noises. We also kind of just plopped her in there and headed downstairs to visit with Christy and Brian. She did okay for about 30 minutes but then got MAD. The next night and subsequent nights we moved downstairs to a bedroom where things were more closed in, which helped a lot. The second night she slept the whole night through.

The next night she preferred to do this:


In the midst of all our visiting craziness we managed to do a day trip to Boston with Christy to visit an old friend of Tommy’s and his wife. At the recommendation of a co-worker we had brunch at Tremont 647. It did not disappoint!

On our last night we ate out at Long Horn Steak House (Mama Comeau’s request). On this night we were staying with her because we had an early flight back home. As you can see below Ava was in a great mood and loved all the attention she got from people passing by our booth.


As always, thanks for the great times Comeaus!

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