Tuesday Tidbits -132

Happy rainy (DMV-area) Tuesday! Let us dive into our weekly Tuesday Tidbits shall we?!

1) Ava, mom, and I will be heading to Atlanta early next month to visit my brother Marshall, his wife Katie, and their son Gabe. Can’t wait to brother/uncle/cousin time! What will Tommy do with his 2.5 days free of us?!

2) The highlight of my day yesterday was securing reservations at the coveted Rose’s Luxury for next month! I have been dying to eat here for years, but the thought of waiting in the notoriously long lines always dissuaded me from going. The restaurant now allows reservations to be booked for both the main dining room (and the rooftop) for parties of 6-8 people. Every Monday at 11am reservations become open for the next 3 weeks from that Monday. Check out their website for more info. I can attest that it is still difficult to snag a reservation online as they go in the blink of an eye. It took me 3 weeks to secure one! My clicking just wasn’t fast enough.

3) This Chicken Pho recipe definitely jumped to the top of my “need to make this” list.

4) Anyone else sad that the X-Files reboot is over? They for sure are going to come out with more episodes right, right?

5) As you know Ava is currently going to music class every week. I’m starting to think of her summer time activity and will be signing her up for swimming classes this week!

Have a great day! Lets hope the rain  stops, really hoping to get a run in today.

What I wrote on this day in 2015.


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