St. Patrick’s 10k Family Run Recap

Yesterday the Comeau Clan (minus Violet) ran their first 10k race together! That’s right, Tommy and I are starting Ava early. 🙂 A couple months ago I signed Tommy and me up for the Pacers St. Patrick’s Day 10k, thinking we’d take Ava on this run with us.

The entire race and race experience with a 10-month-old-baby could not have gone anymore smoothly or successfully. We have quite the adaptable and agreeable little girl, I must say.


Ava and daddy all ready to head to the race!

Ava woke up around 7am yesterday which fit perfectly with my getting-ready-for-the-race plans for everyone. Tommy was able to take Violet on a long walk, so she wouldn’t feel left-out on the family fun and then he got ready for the race and ate a small breakfast. While he was doing these things, I fed Ava and got her ready for the race, and then handed Ava over to Tommy while I prepped for the race and ate a yogurt to tide me through the race.

Mom came over to our house around 8:00am to pick up our waffle-maker (because she was making us a post-race brunch at her house!) and she offered to drop us off at the race’s start line so we wouldn’t have to deal with driving and finding parking or taking the metro. This was a HUGE help!

As with any race, I was aiming to travel light (as light as you can with a baby in tow). I wanted to avoid doing a bag check at the race. Fortunately for us, we had Ava’s jogging stroller to hold are small amount of belongings!

Items we brought on the race with us (not on our bodies):

  • Jogging stroller
  • Baby Bjorn
  • Ava’s diaper bag
  • My wallet, keys, and phone

Mom dropped us off as close as she could to the race around 8:20am. The 10k started at 9am. This gave Tommy and me time to check Ava’s diaper in the car, for Tommy to load Ava up in her Baby Bjorn (I wanted to limit as much pre-race time in her car seat and stroller as we could since she would be in there for a little over an hour during the race), and for us to take a couple family pictures before the race!



Once we were done taking pictures we had just the right amount of time to head to the registration booth to get Tommy some safety pins to attach his bib number to his shirt, to transfer Ava from her Baby Bjorn to her car seat/stroller and for Tommy and I to each run to the bathroom.

Before we knew it, the race was starting!

Ava was happy as a clam in her car sear/stroller. She had a little milk leftover in her bottle from her morning feeding so I gave it to her, which she happily took. At the start of the race she was either contentedly drinking her bottle, laughing out loud, or babbling to herself.

By 9:30am this is what Ava looked like.


And she stayed sleeping until right after we crossed the finish line around 10:10am!

The race course was (to me) a perfect 6.2 mile course – flat and fast. We ran through parts of downtown DC. We started at the Washington Monument, ran by the Tidal Basin, the Jefferson Memorial, and the MLK Jr. Memorial to name a few historic sites.

Tommy and I were pleased with our race time. Since it was our first race with a baby in a stroller we started out in the 13-minute pace group, but ended up averaging a 10:45 pace. Not too shabby!

We powered through at the very end, picking up the pace to finish strong!


Ava at the finish line!

After the race, we started on our walk to mom’s condo for brunch, which was delicious. We enjoyed Huevos Rancheros, Pecan Waffles, a fruit salad, and sausage. YUM!

Can’t wait to run our next family race!

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Have you/would you run a race with a baby?


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