Tuesday Tidbits – 136 – Snap Shots from Palm Desert

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Below, I am sharing a few snap shots that were taken last week in Palm Desert. As I mentioned earlier, while we all came together for a sad occasion it was great seeing my family (immediate & extended). We managed to take advantage of what the desert had to offer – hello high 80s and early 90s temps. 🙂

Side note: for as often as I have been out this way, I had never spent time much time in Palm Springs proper except in and out of the airport. On this trip my aunt and uncle took my mom to the Palm Springs street fair on Thursday night and then we ate at a great Italian spot along the festival.

  1. I rarely spend a lot of money on jewelry. The nice pieces I do own were gifts or are heirlooms. While I do like wearing jewelry, it’s just not where I spend the bulk of my money. The rare, nice jewelry I have bought have a special meaning to me. I had been eyeing a simple, yet elegant ring at Tiffany’s for awhile and I finally took the plunge and bought it in Palm Desert. I plan on wearing this ring every day on my right middle finger and whenever I look at it, I’ll remember it as the piece of jewelry I bought where my grandpa lived and where I said good-bye to him.


2. Of course while I was away for 5 days I required and requested many Ava (and Violet) pictures from Tommy and her nanny. Here is a good one Ms Wendy sent! You’ll notice little Sully’s leg. 🙂


3. Mom was reunited with both of her babies for a little while. The evening Marshall arrived we had a family dinner at Tommy Bahama.


4. After we said good-bye to Grandpa on Wednesday my aunts, uncle, brother, and cousins had a farewell family lunch at one of our Grandpa’s favorite lunch spots – a Chinese buffet!


5. Remember our beloved Bottles?!


6. I was able to slip in meeting one of my best friend, Meg’s, mother for a drink on Thursday afternoon at Miramonte Resort in Indian Wells. So great seeing Anne – it had been years!


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3 responses to “Tuesday Tidbits – 136 – Snap Shots from Palm Desert

  1. Nice the palm desert is amazing

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